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Things to  Know Before 

Any hair being removed needs to be a MINIMUM of 6mm    (approximately the width of a pencil) which is minimum 2 weeks of growth if you have been shaving. BUT this can be different for everyone depending on how quickly your hair grows. If hair is past 1.5 cm it can lead to a bit more discomfort. 

For best results the area you would like sugared should be CLEAN, more specifically if you are coming for a Brazilian or Underarms. These are warmer parts of our body making them easier to be sweaty. There will always be wipes available in the room, don't be shy! That's what they are there for. 

Please AVOID using lotions, oils and deodorant before coming in for your appointment so that we have clean hair for the sugar to adhere to.  

Please AVOID exfoliating 24 hours before and after your sugaring appointment because during your appointment we will be exfoliating as well as removing the hair, this is recommended to prevent over exfoliation.


167 Forest Hill Ave  London, On


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