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When I first heard about Body Sugaring my initial interest stemmed from the fact that the sugar paste was used at room temperature and I would never have to be worried about being burned again! Then to realize that the paste was an all-natural product making it biodegradable was a HUGE plus. I was really impressed that there were no strips or sticks involved, just the paste and gloves. After I started working as a Sugaring Practitioner I did notice something heartbreaking. It was how  many  gloves I would use a day, times that by a week or even a year. Then to think of how many different professions use disposable gloves globally. I know it is harder when it comes to health care and the beauty industry for hygienic reasons things must be single use.

But it got me thinking...

After doing some looking around I found a great alternative,  a company that makes biodegradable gloves!

                CHECK IT OUT!                EBT ~ Eco- Best Technology

Eco Best Gloves.png

I'm thrilled to have found these gloves, and it makes me excited to see what type of products will be coming out in the future.  

I have also found another use for some of the waste that my business produces. I use brow brushes, and I have found a company that uses them for cleaning little wild life creatures! It is called Wands for Wildlife.             I will be sending them all my used brushes.

If ANYONE has input or ideas for making the beauty industry lower waste PLEASE don't hold back, I would be very interested to hear from you! 


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